The Te Deum Foundation is established as a benevolent organization aimed at providing for the material and spiritual needs of those men in formation for the Roman Catholic Priesthood.JBosco2

Through the fiscal generosity of the People of God, the Te Deum Foundation provides seminarians with materials necessary for study towards the Priesthood. These material needs are satisfied for those men who are unable to provide for these needs by way of their own resources and the resources of their family. These needs are fulfilled tangibly, that is to say, these needs are never monetary gifts. These generosities are extended to those men in an anonymous way, unassigned to any individual. Periodically, all contributing members to the Te Deum Foundation receive a statement detailing what needs have been met through their munificence. These statements do not include the names of the recipients. Furthermore, contributors to the Te Deum Foundation, in addition to their fiscal gifts, promise prayers for those men in formation for the Priesthood. The Te Deum Foundation asks for the Memorare to be prayed daily for the work of the Foundation.

Further, as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, it is never the intention of the Te Deum Foundation or her members to seek any gain from these endeavors.