Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How was the Te Deum Foundation formed?
A: Inspired by the Holy Spirit and a commitment to the ministerial priesthood instituted by Jesus Christ, the Te Deum Foundation was founded in 2003 by members of the laity faithful to the Magisterium, His Holiness Benedict XVI, and the Roman Catholic Church. Currently the Board of Directors consists of both laity and Priests.

Q: What are examples of ‘material needs’ that have been provided for seminarians? 
A: To date, material needs have included items such as cassocks, surplices, clerical attire, and prayer books. The Te Deum Foundation evaluates each request individually. Therefore, material needs other than those listed above may be provided in the future.

Q: How can I receive more information? 
A: You can receive more information by visiting the Contact Us page on the website. There you will be able to email the Te Deum Foundation, as well as find other ways to contact us.

Q: What does Te Deum mean?
A: The Te Deum is an ancient hymn-prayer of the Catholic Church. Simply put, the opening line of the Te Deum translates to You are God we praise You. Please follow this link for a detailed explanation.

Q: Are donations other than monies accepted?
A: Yes, the Te Deum Foundation has been the recipient of non-monetary donations. If you are interested in donating items that can be used towards the mission of the Foundation, please contact us directly.

Q: Is it true that the Te Deum Foundation is also working on building a seminary in the Southeastern US?
A: Yes! Find out more about this exciting project here at our seminary mission page.

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